Cardi B Calls Tasha K’s Baby-Harming Accusations “Frivolous”

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The blogger asserts that the rapper harrassed her with dangers of brutality

Cardi B’s legitimate obstacles with blogger Latasha K has as of late proceeded, and the rapper is calling foul. The “Press” craftsman is now managing a court fight as she stands blamed for organizing a strip club beat down, however at this point Tasha is hitting Cardi with another huge number of allegations. Not long ago, TMZ detailed that Cardi sued Tasha for expressing that the rapper was a medication client and whore with a STD. Tasha applauded back with her very own claim, blaming Cardi for defamation.

Notwithstanding, Tasha has increased those claims, presently saying that Cardi hurt her unborn tyke by causing her worry subsequent to undermining her with savagery. Tasha likewise expresses that she needed to locate another spot to live on the grounds that she was so apprehensive and that her primary care physician prescribed she be on bed rest all through her pregnancy for the wellbeing of her child. The blogger purportedly guarantees that she even reached the FBI yet was simply advised to move to another area on the off chance that she was feeling dangerous and accepted that Cardi’s supposed pack part partners were going to come after her.

Cardi reacted to these new cases by discharging the accompanying articulation to TMZ through her rep:

“Tasha K’s counterclaims are totally paltry and have no legitimacy. Tasha K unmistakably assumes that this claim and the courts are her online life channel where she feels that she can say anything she needs, without respect for reality, pestering Cardi and her companions to attempt to pick up peruser to her blog to the detriment of Cardi.

This is falling flat – Tasha’s very own words in meetings and archives demonstrate that her cases are totally false. Cardi completely expects that Tasha K’s cases will be rejected, and that toward the finish of this case, Cardi will be successful and Tasha K will be considered responsible for the outrightly false things she has stated, composed and posted about Cardi, that Tasha K knew were false.”


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