Cardi B’s Blogger Lawsuit Gets More Serious After FBI Involvement


Latasha K isn’t surrendering.

The blogger claim between Cardi B and Latasha K sees no indications of clearing up at any point in the near future. Cardi first sued Latasha for slander after she guaranteed the rapper had herpes, filled in as a whore, and at one point asserted that infant Kulture would be brought into the world with inabilities. Latasha applauded back and counter-sued Cardi after she affirmed that she got “pack related dangers” and dreaded for her life.

Cardi B started to openly stigmatize Ms. Kebe, alluding to her as ‘this blogger woman, by expressing that Ms. Kebe makes up phony stories; hassles all of Cardi B’s companions; continually stalks Cardi B; erroneously guarantees that she has genuine sources giving her data about Cardi B; utilizes Cardi B’s name for ‘misleading content’; and numerous other fraudulent indictments,” Latasha said in her suit.

TMZ now reports that Latasha has raised the stakes on the claim currently asserting that the “Cash” rapper influenced her unborn tyke after she was put ton bed rest by a specialist. Records state how Latasha has blamed Cardi for strike (despite the fact that they were never in a similar room) when she and her previous flat mate Skeemo shared “rough messages” about her on the web. At a certain point Latasha was so frightened she called the FBI and they advised her to migrate if her life was at genuine hazard.

Latasha accepted the guidance from the FBI and now needs Cardi B to pay the migration charges as a major aspect of her new $3 million claim.


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