Nicki Minaj Called Out For A$AP Rocky Support Tweet

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Nicki Minaj fans aren’t sure how her tweet identifies with A$AP Rocky’s circumstance.

As a lady in the rap game, Nicki Minaj has needed to jump over apparently unrealistic snags on her way to the position of royalty. She’s been at the highest point of her game for such a significant number of years and we’re eager to see where this next section drives her. “Megatron” denoted the start of another period for Minaj and as we hang tight for more tunes from the Queen, she’s by and by getting a couple of odd looks as a result of the story she shared as help for A$AP Rocky, who is at present in a correctional facility in Sweden.

A considerable lot of Flacko’s companions in the network have been posting their very own messages for the New York-based ability, marking a request to free him as quickly as time permits. He is as of now being held in police care for his job in an attack that was gotten on record. Evidently, the states of the correctional facility he’s in are absurdly awful. Nicki Minaj attempted to identify with the circumstance with her very own tale about nearly getting secured up Jamaica yet a few fans are calling BS on her cases.

“I performed in Jamaica before and when I got off the stage I was encompassed by police with weapons drawn. They were prepared 2 take me to imprison b/c they said I neglected to bleep a few condemnations,” composed the whiz on her social pages. Analysts weren’t exactly certain how that even identified with Rocky’s issue however.

“I was behind the stage. No firearms were drawn,” answered one individual while others contested Nicki’s cases that ladies have no rights in Jamaica. “This doesn’t bode well,” tweeted another fan who called attention to that Nicki said she “went gaga for” Jamaica on Twitter after that careful execution. Others simply need to realize why she’s notwithstanding carrying this up when she’s attempting to help A$AP Rocky. By the by, this is simply one more instance of Nicki acquiring reaction for something she never planned on.

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