Tekashi 6ix9ine Federal Case: Defendant’s Lawyer Says Client “Is Going To Trial”

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Anthony “Harv” Ellison needs 6ix9ine to demonstrate that he was in charge of the supposed capturing and burglary in summer 2018.

There’s been numerous turns and turns in the Tekashi 6ix9ine case yet the most recent advancements for the situation so far appeared to have played in the rainbow-haired rapper’s support. Be that as it may, the most recent update may wind up being a misfortune in the rapper’s arrangements to get condemned with time served. One of the rest of the litigants looking into it isn’t going down without a battle which implies that the preliminary will push ahead.

Anthony “Harv” Ellison is blamed for capturing and ransacking 6ix9ine yet his attorney made it obvious in court that he won’t cop a request bargain, Complex reports. Ellison’s legal advisor, Deveraux Cannick, told the judge it was a “sure thing” that his customer needs to take the case to preliminary. That being stated, 6ix9ine’s attorneys are most likely going into frenzy mode since they were trusting the litigants would all cop a supplication bargain.

“Anthony Ellison is going to preliminary,” Cannick said following the consultation. “The main intention he has [for going to trial]: if Tekashi’s the one making the allegation, he needs to state, demonstrate it,” Cannick kept on clarifying about his customer’s choice before raising 6ix9ine’s trollery. “Tekashi has aced the specialty of showcasing, trolling, and, for absence of a superior word, manufacturing,” he included.

Cannick kept on clarifying that 6ix9ine never named Ellison when he at first stood up following the hijacking. “Did he say [Ellison was involved] when he originally went to the world? No, he didn’t,” Cannick proceeded. “The main thing that they’re following Ellison on is the purported theft and seizing of Tekashi.”

So generally, this appears as though this could botch any plans 6ix9ine needed to get out with time served.


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